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December 31, 2011

12 things to look forward to in 2012

So yes, 2012 is here at last and, with the final remnants of 2011 falling away behind us, it’s time to look ahead and see exactly what the New Year has in store for us…

via Nokia Review

1. NFC

Near-field communication is coming next year and it’s coming in a BIG way. In 2011 Nokia already had the C7, 701 and the N9 all rocking NFC (to name but three) and next year seems set to build on that success with even more NFC-enabled phones coming very soon.

2012 will be the year of NFC.

2. Nokia World 2012

In 2011, Nokia World delivered not just the much talked about Lumia series of handsets, but also the super accessible Asha range as well as the uber-cool Monster accessories. We know it’s probably quite a long way off (with a fair few events inbetween) however, we can’t help but feel that Nokia World 2012 will be bigger and better than anything that’s ever come before.


3. Helsinki: World Design Capital (HWDC)

Next year, Helsinki steps up to be the global design capital with over 300 different events happening across the city throughout the year, you can bet your bottom dollar Nokia Connects will be covering it as close as we can. Check out our in-depth preview post from earlier this year for more detail.

4. Commercial Space Travel

Also scheduled to kick off in 2012 is COMMERCIAL SPACE TRAVEL. Yes, that’s right. Come October 2012, tickets will be on sale for you to get your very own space cadet feeling.

However, at a cool $200,000, we don’t think people will be queuing in the streets for them!

5. Inter-connectivity

While not being an actual thing that you can touch and feel, there’s a group agreement within the NC team that inter-connectivity will be a big theme in 2012. This year we’ve already things like Lumia devices speaking to Xbox gaming systems. What else will we see over the next 12mths? Internet Fridges? Who knows…

6. Word Rally Championship (WRC)

The WRC is BACK for 2012 and Nokia is giving you the chance to win your very own Nokia Lumia 800. What? You didn’t know?! Go and enter, quick!

7. Elle Magazine


In early 2012, the final winner of the Elle Fashion Reporter competition will get their work published in the very pages of Elle Magazine. This is quite possibly one of the biggest projects we’ve ever worked on here at NC and to see the pay-off finally arrive in this manner has got us foaming at the mouth with excitement! Not long now…

8. Total Solar Eclipse

It doesn’t happen that often (and in 2012 you’ll have to be in Australia to see it but) next year, on November 13th, the Earth will witness a total solar eclipse. Will you be close enough to see it? Let us know… oh, and stick a note in your diary, the photos will be stunning.

9. Close Encounters

Keeping with the space theme, one of the team has discovered that next year will be our closest asteroid miss EVER.

The beast in question is named ‘433 Eros‘ and has been haunting our skies since its discovery in 1898. Come Jan 31st, if you’re looking in the right direction, you should be able to get a decent look.

Good hunting!

10. A year of global-reaching sporting events like no other

We’ve already mentioned the incoming World Rally Championships. But what about football? Euro 2012 is coming very soon as is, of course, The London 2012 Olympics. What sporting event are you looking forward to next year? We’re partial to a spot of cheese rolling from time to time…

11. Alan Turing

One of the leading influences on computing, artificial intelligence and developmental biology, Alan Turing really is a technology legend. Next year marks his centenary and all across the world special events will be set up to both celebrate and investigate further into the man without whom the world would be a very different place indeed.

Look him up, get involved.

12. YOU

This year, 2011, saw the launch of the very site you’re reading right now, Nokia Connects. A destination that could never and would never exist without the contributions of you, dear reader.

The thing we’re most looking forward to in 2012, including all of the items we’ve listed above already, is just seeing exactly what amazing things you’ll be doing with your Nokia over the next 365 366 [it’s a year leap year! – thanks youngbobby] days.

Whatever it is, let us know through the usual channels and we’ll do our very best to get your work highlighted right here, on Nokia Connects.

Happy New Year Everyone!