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January 11, 2012

Lumia 710 – Viva Las Vegas

Yee haw from sunny Las Vegas! Join us on a voyage of epic proportions featuring helicopters, zip-wires and huge Hollywood explosions (note – the last one I may have made up) as we see what the Nokia Connects team have been up to this week at CES with our Lumia 710 wielding community members! Viiiiiiva Las Vegas….

Katie and Mala from the Nokia Connects team are currently over in the US of A for the annual CES event, and to make things more interesting they invited a few friends from the community along to test out the Lumia 710. The group included Chris Martin (not to be confused with the lead singer of Coldplay), Justin, Antonio, JC, Mike, RichardJimmy, Chris and Sahas…just a few peeps then! Hope we’ve not forgotten anyone..

Now, there are no zip lines or helicopters inside the CES exhibition hall so before heading to the famous tech event, they went on a little excursion. It was straight off to the Bootleg Canyon Zip-Lines, followed by a helicopter ride over Las Vegas with Nokia Lumia 710s in tow!

Let’s see how they got on:

Day 1.

They began the day at Bootleg Canyon Zip Lines, hundreds of feet in the air with their Lumia 710s in hand capturing the ride down as well as the beautiful surroundings.

Fortunately no phones were dropped! From there the group headed to the Las Vegas Boulevard for a bird’s eye view of all the action. A guided helicopter tour took the group up and down the infamous Las Vegas strip.

As if the excitement of adventures in Vegas wasn’t enough the group then headed to The Venetian to hear about the launch of the Nokia Lumia 900.

Day 2.

The group began the first day of CES by having breakfast (it gets better, we promise) – with the Nokia Lumia 900 (told you). They then headed over to New York, New York where they met with Nokia Lumia product managers Vance Kim (Lumia 900) and Jason Gregory (Lumia 710) where they had all their questions answered by the experts. From there the group headed back to CES to take in all the action from the world’s largest consumer technology trade show.


Check out the Nokia stand at CES above.

That’s not all we’ve got lined up, stay tuned for another update this evening on how the group get on at this rollercoaster of an adventure!