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January 30, 2012

Lumia 710: Helicopters and penthouse parties

How to do Las Vegas like a rock star! The dust may well have settled from what was a memorable CES in Las Vegas (then again, what trip to Vegas isn’t memorable?), but there are still several stories being told that will live long in the memory…on this occasion, what happened in Vegas, posts on Nokia Connects!

Have you ever been in a helicopter flying over the world famous Las Vegas strip? I imagine any rock stars reading this (I can always hope) will be like ‘yeah I have, what’s your point’, but for the majority of us this is a just a pipe dream.

Some of the community peeps over at CES in Vegas managed to live out this very pipe dream. Chris from meinfruhstuck (first time helicopter flyer) and Richard from dotnetrocks show us how they used the Lumia 710 to share their aerial perspective of Vegas between the two different helicopter parties.

Why don’t you see for yourself with this little tour of Vegas and the Lumia 710:

So, helicopter trip – check. What else would a rock star be doing in Las Vegas? Partying. Yep that was the first word that just came into my head. Next internal thought, where would they be partying? Probably in a penthouse.

Some of the best penthouses in Las Vegas offer incredible views over the star-spangled town, here is my personal favourite, but each to their own eh Mr.Hefner! The community guys on the trip didn’t quite make it to this suite, instead they headed to the prestigious Caesars Palace Centurion Penthouse for an exclusive Nokia party.

Here is Mala from Nokia Connects catching up with Juan from yourtechreport on the rooftop of Caesars:

I was very jealous when I found out about some of the stuff the Connects crew got up to in Vegas. They got to see the launch of the Lumia 900 in the US, went zip lining in the desert, hit up the rollercoaster at the New York New York Hotel and received some personalised gifts. Not forgetting their attendance @ CES 2012! Until next year, who knows what CES 2013 will have in store…..

Did you see anything at CES that you want us to talk about here @Nokia_Connects? Then please don’t hesitate to tell us. Failing that I think you should Rock on.