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January 12, 2012

CES Day 3: Nokia Connects in Las Vegas

We’ve received some more news at Nokia Connects towers from the team at CES in Las Vegas! If you missed the guys Lumia 710/900 Vegas adventures yesterday then maybe you’d like to take a few minuto’s out of your day to check them out?

Day 3.

Today the group was let loose on CES for the morning, until a Q&A session over lunch with Nokia Maps team members Fran Thorpe and Mark Thomas.

They covered everything from Nokia Maps 3D to Nokia Drive. From there the group headed to the roller coaster at The New York New York Hotel – which had just a couple of twists and turns!

via Emiller213

Later that night the group cruised to the Nokia VIP Party in a limo (classy!), for a little networking and a little more celebrating!

Stay tuned for more updates from CES @ Las Vegas. We have some reactions and video footage coming soon from the launch of the Lumia 900. Watch this space….