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February 24, 2012

Top 5 comments on Nokia Connects this week


via Andrew-Hyde

Each week we get hundreds of insightful, entertaining and even downright funny comments from our readers here at Nokia Connects. To showcase the best, we thought we’d pick the top comments of the last seven days and share them with you, our wonderful Nokia Connects community.

This week we saw lively conversations on everything from social media to classic mobile games and the influence of the humble text message. Here’s our pick of the top five comments, taken from five different blog posts.

5 tech partnerships that changed the world

This month Nokia and Microsoft celebrated the first anniversary of their strategic alliance. In twelve short months we’ve already seen the fruits of that labour. What we wanted to know was whether you thought Stephen and Steve were set to join the great tech duos of history. Needless to say, this provoked some strong opinions. Petri28 summed things up perfectly.

To see who Mr Elop and Mr Balmer are up against, check out 5 tech partnerships that changed the world.


Future Tech – Nokia Connector

The community concept device, the theoretical Nokia Connector, caused quite a stir this week. Plenty of you shared your fascinating thoughts about what features a future device should include. One comment that made us chuckle, though, was from Carmen58.

She has a point, by how popular were the other suggested features? Why not go see for yourself


Make me smile Monday

Make Me Smile Monday is our weekly feature designed to get rid of the Monday morning blues. We share fun stories from across the web, and you share things that make you smile. This week the comment that gave us the cheesiest of grins came from Emmanuel Gonot.

To check out what else got us giggling, have a look at this week’s funfest.


The Big Debate: Do you use protection?

Another post that provoked a lot of discussion was about whether to protect or not protect your smartphone. Our community was sharply divided, though there were also many people in favour of both. One person who most eloquently defended the no protection side of the debate was Prassad.

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. But how about you? Would you cover your smartphone in a case like this?

Thanx v much: A celebration of the humble text message

Much to the surprise of many of you, this year will see the text message celebrate its 20th birthday. To commemorate this milestone, we unearthed some astonishing facts about the humble SMS. This post, the most popular of the week, provoked tons of comments and even more nostalgia. One comment that we thought really caught the affection people seem to have for texting came from Srivatsan Krishnamurthy.

If you fancy wallowing in the past or would like to know some astonishing SMS facts about the future, be sure to take a peek at our celebration of texting.

That’s this week’s round up done and dusted. Please put your hands together and congratulate our very first comment kings and queens. Remember, if you want to join this exclusive club, all you have to do is write a comment that makes us laugh, makes us think or makes us want to comment right back. So why not start now and tell us what you thought of this week’s winners.