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March 14, 2012

Weekly Regional Spotlight: France

Time to take a look at what our francophone buddies have been up to in l’hexagon this week (that’s French slang for France, as if you didn’t know!)

via Kifouette Dufion on his Nokia N8

It’s been an exciting few weeks for Nokia France, starting with the Lumia’s star appearance in Le World Wide Web – an online French series with actors Omar and Fred covering everything to do with the online and technology world. Fred uses the Nokia Lumia 800 to film Omar while he is talking as an example of how videos and images uploaded on mobile phones are increasingly becoming part of the World Wide Web – and there’s hardly a better phone he could do it on!

via Le World Wide Web

Last week was also Mobile Congress 2012, a two-day conference in Paris all about mobile technology (basically, it’s a French version of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona). The two-day mobile marathon also included a ‘Hackaton’, an event in which there were more than 50 developers in the same room – I can almost imagine the frenzy from here!

Here’s the teaser-trailer for the conference, though I should warn you, it’s all in French!

Now, since Valentine’s Day was a month ago today, I just couldn’t resist throwing in this fun little video from Nokia France. They took dozens of red roses and three white (and incredibly cute) dogs and positioned them in the courtyard of the Louvre in Paris. Cue general Valentine’s lovey-dovey madness for everyone to enjoy!

And last but not least, we have this beautiful waterside photo taken by Laurent Civrais on his N8 and uploaded to the Nokia France Facebook page. Something to make you say ‘Ahh!’ until it’s time for the next regional spotlight to roll around 🙂

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