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March 22, 2012

Top 10 Nokia photos – ever!

All hail the almighty photograph, the exquisite imagery of the eye combined with the cutting-edge technology of Nokia… Before I get too carried away with myself there, I should explain that to mark #NCphotoweek here at Nokia Connects I have pulled together the ten best photos ever taken on a Nokia phone, for your perusal and enjoyment.

‘Silhouettes’ by Beel@l

Of course, this is a hotly-contended badge of honour, and there will no doubt be some discussion and aesthetic disagreement. But I’ve tried to pick photos that are unquestionably brilliant in their own way – though narrowing it down to ten has been nail-bitingly difficult! In order to make the selection process a little easier, I have broken down the criteria into five categories: Landscapes,People, Places, Nature and Miscellaneous. So without further ado, I am pleased to present Nokia Connects’s Top 10 Nokia photos.


First up is this stunning sunset scene over a lake by Antti Kultanen, taken on an N8. Simply mesmerising, and an amazing array of colours reflected in the still waters of the lake.

Followed by this panoramic shot of the Swiss Alps shot by Micke on a Nokia 603. Not only is this photo a stunning example of the imaging capabilities of a Nokia phone (and evidently taken on an envy-inducing skiing trip), but it also won our nomination for our Try Something New amazing photography competition.(Click on the image to see it in its full glory).


For the people category, I chose photos that said something about the person in them. Which is why I love this contemplative and whimsical portrait by PineBarrens on a Nokia N8. You can almost imagine the Sunday afternoon scene outside that is making the man chuckle to himself…

While this Lumia 800 photo by JTProductions caught my eye (forgive me for that one) because you can actually see the photographer reflected in the girl’s pupil. A story within a story, if you will.


Slightly different from the ‘Landscapes’ category, for this section I wanted photos that told a story about the place they depict, and that make you feel part of the scene. Which is why I chose this N8 photo by marioberzosa – I can almost hear the baaaing of the sheep and feel the crush of all those bodies.

And I can imagine myself standing underneath these trees and feeling the snow falling softly on my face in William J Sisti‘s beautiful photo. This serenity-inducing photo was also named as one of the winners of the Nokia N8 PhotoAwards.


Pretty self-explanatory as a category, but I’ve gone for this close-up of ripples on water and this still-life shot of a bee pollinating a flower, taken by Mario Villamil Arguelles on an N8 and Phillipe Saire on an N82 respectively.

If these two images don’t inspire in you a love of nature, I don’t know what will!


And finally, two photos that took my breath away but that didn’t quite fit into any of the other above categories. Firstly this wonderfully pensive image taken by *Derick* and aptly named ‘This little light of mine… I’m gonna let it shine…’ Derick’s imaginative composition also earned him the top prize in the Nokia N8 PhotoAwards.

Followed by this lovely capturing of light and shadow dappling the surface of a building by Allard One on a Nokia N95. This image was shortlisted for the Nokia N95 Creative Awards back in 2008.

So what do you think of my choice for the top ten Nokia photos? Think you could do better? Then send us your images snapped on your amazing Nokia phone and tell us all about them @Nokia_Connects!