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March 27, 2012

Nokia Connects icons: YouTube

Following on from my Nokia Connects Twitter highlight yesterday, I asked Vilja Sormunen to tell me all about what Nokia is doing on YouTube. So over to Vilja for the lowdown:

via shinyshinytv

Nokia’s main YouTube channel is a hub for English-speaking content around Nokia. The videos are produced by many teams around the organisation, and even around the world. There are videos that relate to specific products and services in which we try to highlight their best features. There are also videos that communicate our values and best practices, videos around topics such as sustainability and innovation. We do a lot of videos from events that are big for us, such as Nokia World and Mobile World Congress so that we could capture some of that enthusiasm for those who weren’t able to attend.

In addition to the global channel, we have several local channels that you can find if you scroll to the bottom of our channel page. There is also the Nokia Developer Forum for developers who want to learn about the latest tools and technologies used to create mobile apps for Nokia devices, as well as Nokia Support Videos where our Care Team upload videos that will help you with things like getting started with your new phone and how to update the software on your phone.

Here are five of Vilja’s favourite YouTube videos, in no particular order:

1. Free running in Barcelona. This video was produced for #MWC12 and is an awesome example of  Nokia’s ability to make exciting and edgy videos. Pip Anderson is extremely talented and it shows a different approach to talking about products, in this case the Nokia Lumia 900.

2. Burton Snowboarding. This collaboration has been around for the past few years and the videos are always high quality. I love the way this video begins, it’s beautiful.

3. Foursquare Challenges at Nokia House. A lot of our videos are about our products, but sometimes it’s great to share stories about the people at Nokia. This is a real company with real people and we do cool things together.

4. PureView 808 launch video. The music in this video stands out in a mysterious way and perfectly set the stage for the grand announcement we made at Mobile World Congress.

5. Free Las Vegas Limo Rides. This was just a fun video! And again, it talks about the product, Nokia Lumia 710, and Nokia Drive, but in a real life situation at CES.

I also love the Lumiappaday video series by The Nokia Blog, it’s really cool and useful. Not to mention all the great community reviews, unboxings, app showdowns and general Nokia fun we get to see! 🙂

What do you think of Nokia’s YouTube channel? Want to see your video here next? Get involved @Nokia_Connects!