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April 5, 2012

Future Tech – Project projector

It’s an idea that has been knocking around for a while now – why not have a projector built in to your mobile phone so you can pull your ‘office’ out of your pocket in any situation and have your ideas projected on to any wall at Nokia Connects Towers?

via GSMDome

Sure, but is it actually possible? Ever since 2009, when Bit Rebels called for 2010 to be ‘the year of Cell Phone projectors’, I have been itching for this to come to fruition. Their argument back then was that we already had a stills photo camera, microphone and a video camera (well…erm…the stills camera recording video, same thing?) – but that was two years ago. There was the LG eXpo prototype built for CES in 2010, but did it ever make it to market? I think not.

How has technology moved on from there? Well, things have got smaller (see my Future Tech post on wireless medicine), and better (Nokia PureView 808 anyone?) – but how close is a ‘Projector Phone’? **EDIT – thanks for pointing out the upcoming Beam. I was referring to a Nokia Projector but should have made that clearer :)***

Allow me to sidetrack for one minute. See the image below? How cool would it be to incorporate a projector into that?

via psfk

I’d completely feel like Batman.

When we suggested that our concept device, the Nokia Connector, could have a 3D projector, the reaction was mixed:

Aleksi – ‘3D projector – meh.’
Nicolas Liu – ‘I like the 3D projector most. It’s important to have one handy for business applications.’
Alex Zmushka – ‘Also 3D projector is something what will be a great added novelty feature.’
Jack Clarke – ‘3D projector? It just sounds like another gimmicky extra like adding cameras on the back of tablets. If it’s not expensive then fine.’

How would you use a Nokia Projector in day-to-day life? Maybe to show your homework on a wall at school, showing that vital sales presentation without hooking up your laptop, or simply projecting photos or movies at home? Let us know in the comments, or send us your thoughts on Twitter.