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June 19, 2012

Tech Today

Nokia Connects presents our roundup of the coolest tech from around the web today. Featuring a lovable robo-dog, a new way to cook and skydiving with the Lumia 900…

via Kickstarter

This rather bizarre looking contraption is a Nomiku, an immersion circulator for sous vide cooking dreamed up by young innovators Q, Abe and Bam. Basically, sous vide cooking involves maintaining food at a precise temperature for a long period of time and is a technique used by many gourmet chefs and restaurants across the world. But the Nomiku will be the first commercially available sous vide cooking appliance that is cheap, small and easy enough to use in the home. It’s a food revolution!


So, you win the Nokia Belle ‘Try Something New’ competition. What do you choose to try? Cooking lessons? Elephant ride? No, you choose to jump out of a plane over 4,000 metres above solid ground with a Nokia Lumia 900. Welcome to the world of Micke.

He’s posted an excellent report on his experience featuring nervous pre-dive photos, the €20,000 waiver form and suiting up for the big jump.

Here is a video of the whole jump shot on the Lumia 900:



For all you pet owners out there, I’m sure there’s been a time you’ve wished your cat or dog could actually understand what you are saying – well, a new robo-dog from Japanese toy manufacturers Takara Tomy does exactly that! The adorable little i-SODOG is programmed with voice-recognition software, touch sensors and can be controlled through a smartphone. There’s no news of it being released in the market outside Japan yet, but stay tuned!


Finally, a couple of quick tech updates for you: including the launch of Axio, a brain-enhancing headband, the news that the Nokia 808 PureView will be launching in the the U.S and the must-know essential trivia that the combined weight of every adult on the planet is 287 million tonnes.

That’s it for today’s roundup. As ever, drop me a comment or 140 characters of tech genius @Nokia_Connects if you think I’ve missed anything.