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July 1, 2012

Top 5 comments on Nokia Connects: Music Mania

Sadly our Music Mania competition series came to an end on Nokia Connects last Friday. We kicked off the house party with Rizzle Kicks and finished with the mighty Far East Movement, jamming-on-down to a playlist that included The Vaccines, Hot Chelle Rae and Jason Derulo (below) along the way. 

I usually write this post to champion some of the cool comments on the site every week, but today I want to look back at all of our winning comments from this five week musical journey. Below are all of the winning entries for the five Music Mania competitions. It has been a fantastic competition and we must say a colossal thanks to everyone who took part. In total we had 1,091 comments but only a handful (literally you can count them on your fingers) walked away with some of the exclusive prizes, including a Nokia Lumia 610.

The comments need no introduction, have a read and ponder some of the great answers. Click through to the posts (by clicking the title of the artist/band) to see all of the other comments and also to find out a little about the respective musicians.

The Vaccines

Q. This summer the Vaccines are playing festivals across Europea string of North American venues, and the world’s largest greenhouse. But where would you most like to see them perform live, and why?

A. Che Nor Burn

My hometown, Kuala Lumpur. For the simple reason that the city has so many plagues, whether you like it or not ( truth hurts). What could be more significant than a band called “The Vaccines” performing in front of it’s people to clean up the so called mess. I would be the first person to buy the tickets for sure.

Hot Chelle Rae

Q. What is your favourite Hot Chelle Rae track, and why?

A. Rafaela

It’s really hard for me to choose my favorite song, but I think I will have to go with “tonight tonight”, because of a lot of reasons:

Firstly, because listening to this song is the only thing ( besides my dog haha ) that ALWAYS makes me feel happy, no matter what.

Second because it always reminds me of the best time I had in my life, that was in last year’s summer during my exchange student experience in USA ( i’m brazilian, that’s why my english is not so good haha), when I went to a lot of new, fun and interesting places, like amusement parks and Art museums.

And at last but not at least because it’s the song that is stuck in my family and friends’ head, it’s really funny when i’m walking with my family and then my dad starts “la la la” and my mom “whatever” and then when I see everybody is singing together (even my grandmother!). So those are the reasons why I love “tonight tonight” and Hot Chelle Rae , I could tell more reasons, but think the post is already too long. I don’t participate on internet competitions, but I could do ANYTHING for a signed merchandise from my favorite band. Hot Chelle Rae, please come to Brazil.

Jason Derulo

Q. If Jason Derulo could cover ANY song, which song would it be and why?

A. Chee Young

We all depend on music for support constantly. It is amazing how much it can change your mood. Music is so therapeutic. I would choose Peter Gabriel’s song “Don’t Give Up”. It’s what I constantly want to say to my uncle, who sees his death coming faster and faster due to cancer. I want him to please don’t give up/rest your head/you worry too much/it’s gonna be alright. Everyone who has lost someone to cancer. Let’s find a cure and stay strong.

Rizzle Kicks

Q. Who else would you like to see Rizzle Kicks work with, and why?

A.  Dean

I’d like to hear them actually have Ed Sheeran on a tune instead of just the remix they did of his song: You Need Me, I Don’t Need You.

Far East Movement

Q. Where would you shoot the next Far East Movement video, and why?

A. ‘The Door to Hell’ – which is a burning gas crater in Darvaza, Turkmenistan. It’s unique and the glowing from the flames can be seen for miles. It’s beautiful in an eerie and mystical way. I love it.

This may be the end for Music Mania but we will have lots more music coming up on Nokia Connects, so stay tuned to the NC airwaves. Let me know if you enjoyed the competition series and also hollar at me with your thoughts about some of the competition winning comments above. Find us on Twitter or leave me a message below.