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The time has come to let you know who out of the hundreds of  absolutely amazing entries has been selected to win a Nokia Lumia 820. As with the Nokia Cardboard Challenge we have been blow away by the levels of creativity shown by you, our community. It makes me proud to know so many of you would embrace this contest with such gusto, paying attention to the smallest detail and producing such quality work.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be a winner, but a lot of you came very close – here are just a few of the entries that almost won prizes:


Nokia Paper Challenge


Nokia Paper Challeneg


Nokia Paper Challenge


After much deliberation, the judges finally managed to choose three winners. So without further ado…


Pratish has made the entire Nokia Lumia family, plus accessories, plus a great Nokia logo. This must have taken some serious work:

Nokia Paper Challenge


Well done.


It think it’s clear to see why Davis was chosen as a winner – sheer size, detail and overall awesomeness was what caught the eye of the judges. The attention to detail is phenomenal.


Nokia Paper Challenge
Nokia Paper Challenge


Darren’s entry was clean, crisp and everything the judges were looking for. That he made various different screens was impressive, as was the selection of colours.

Nokia Paper Challenge
Nokia Paper Challenge

There were SO many more that we’d like to be able to feature, we just don’t have the space. I *highly* recommend visiting the original post and spending a few minutes scrolling through the comments. Some of the work was unbelievable. Sadly, though, you can’t all be winners. Keep those creative juices flowing, though, and keep your eyes open for the next contest.

Winners, I’ll be contacting you soon for your details 🙂