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The Nokia 105 was one of the most talked about phones from Mobile World Congress this year. But what made it such a hit? Here are just 10 reasons why you should get a Nokia 105.

1. Let’s talk money! When it comes down to it, you need to part with hard-earned cash to purchase any phone. Fortunately, the Nokia 105 will retail at about €15, making it Nokia’s most affordable mobile phone in the current portfolio.

What does €15 get your these days? A takeaway dinner? A couple of travel tickets around a major European city? It can now also buy you an entry-level phone made by Nokia.

2. The Nokia 105 has a massive standby time of 35 days. That wasn’t a typo, this phone lasts over a month on standby.

Just think, in any given day you can make a few phone calls, send a few texts and repeat the process for weeks without needing to plug the phone in to charge once.

3. Having a torch (flashlight) to hand or always in your pocket, while useful, isn’t something we’re all prepared to carry around with us on a daily basis. Thankfully, the Nokia 105 has a torch built-in at the top of the phone, ready to shine some light in the darkness.

This is useful for so many occasions. For example, after nights out when you don’t want to wake up the family by turning on the lights in the house, when searching for something in the attic or even if you live somewhere where there’s no lighting infrastructure. Sometimes a torch is just simply a necessity.

4. The Nokia 105 may not be a smartphone, but it’s got the ability to do some really smart things.

Take Nokia Life, for example. in India, China, Indonesia and Nigeria, it comes as a pre-loaded SMS-service provided by Nokia that helps people with education, healthcare and can also teach people to learn a new language.

5. With this phone, Nokia said goodbye to the black and white screen entry phones. From now on, it’s colour screen all the way. You’re getting a colour screen phone for a very small price.

6. We all take our phones for granted. We throw them down on the table, we drop them on the floor, and sometimes we even get them wet. The Nokia 105 has a dust and splash-proof keypad, which means if you do end up getting a little heavy-handed with the phone, it’ll be able to take it.

7. Weighing only 70 grams, this phone is discreet. It’s light enough to not weigh your pocket down or can sit at the bottom of your bag without you ever realising it’s there.

8. To some, the inclusion of an FM radio is a must-have, particularly in regions where the only way to hear news or entertainment is through a radio.

9. While this isn’t a smartphone, like a Nokia Lumia 720, it has inherited its handsome good looks from the Nokia Lumia family.

The Nokia 105 has been created using similar design principles that we find in the Nokia Lumia smartphones; rounded edges and the use of the colour cyan, for example. You can tell it’s distinctly Nokia from the outset.

10. While this is the perfect phone for anybody who wants a top-quality product, but is on a tight budget, the Nokia 105 makes the ideal first-phone. If you’ve got children who are now at the age where they require (demand?) a mobile phone, the Nokia 105 should be your go-to phone.

It’s affordable, it’s practical, it’s colourful and you know it’s going to survive whatever your child throws at it because it’s made by Nokia. And if your child does lose it or break it, it only cost you €15.

The Nokia 105 will be available starting from the first quarter of 2013 and will retail for €15.

Nokia 105