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It’s inevitable. Whenever you take a photo of a group of people, there’ll always be at least one with closed eyes, or worse still, yawning. The Nokia Smart Camera that ships with the Nokia Lumia 925 gives you the ability to Change Faces to achieve the perfect photo – the first time.

Nokia Smart Camera includes several imaging features, such as Best Shot, Change Faces, Action Shot, Motion Focus and Remove Moving Objects. In this article we’ll walk you through Change Faces.

By using Nokia Smart Camera as your go-to camera app, rather than the standard camera function, you’re going to be able to create many different and amazing photos from just one set of photos.

When you press the camera shutter key within Nokia Smart Camera, your phone will capture a series of 10 photos in a 2.5 second timeframe.

If you consider that an average human eye takes between 300 and 400 milliseconds to complete a blink, those 2.5 seconds worth of photos can capture an array of images.


Once you’ve captured your subject(s), Nokia Smart Camera will present you with your photos. Now scroll down to the Change Faces option.

If you tap the screen on a person’s face, a carousel featuring 10 different faces of that same person will pop up. Each photo was captured during the initial 2.5-second snap.


To change a face, scroll left or right until you find the best photo. Or, if you’re purposely trying to make someone look his or her worst, select the most suitable picture for the occasion.

What’ll happen next is that face is seamlessly stitched onto the existing photo in such a way that you’ll never know it has been altered.


If you have a number of people in the shot that all need their faces changing, then repeat the steps above until everybody is looking just as you want them to.

Once you’re happy with the final result, save it to your phone, or share it via Facebook, Twitter, email or messaging.

Nokia Smart Camera is currently available on the Nokia Lumia 925 and an update is already available that adds Motion Focus, if you haven’t already got it. The update can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. Nokia Smart Camera will also be arriving on other Nokia Lumia smartphones soon.