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Nokia’s head of imaging, Juha Alakarhu, is walking us through a gallery of selected pictures taken with the astonishing Nokia Lumia 1020. Along with colleague Eero Salmelin, Juha invented the remarkable 41-megapixel sensor technology that gives the PureView camera on the Lumia 1020 its special magic.

Click through on the photo to see the full-sized image.

Juha says:

Alongside the Lumia 1020, we’re offering the Nokia Camera Grip accessory. This is really exciting for people who want to go even further with their photography.

There are quite a few advantages to owning one. For a start, it gives you a more robust grip than you’re likely to achieve with a phone on its own. There’s also a new camera button, that’s of a similar size and in a similar position to SLR cameras giving better ergonomics for advanced shooting. Actually we’ve spend significant amount of time to make the shutter key in the Nokia Camera Grip perfect! Then, there’s a 1020mAH battery boost, so you can take even more pictures with your Lumia 1020.

And finally, it has a tripod mount. While our Optical Image Stabilisation eliminates camera shake for most pictures, if you’re using long shutter speed like four seconds and shooting in a busy place with lots of movement, like in this example that was shot at the Grand Central Station in New York, then a tripod definitely has its advantages.

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