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Happy Monday, I hope you’re feeling productive because we’re back with more ways to #fightboredom and we need your help! As you may have already noticed, we’ve been coming up with creative start screens and application suggestions for the Nokia Lumia 625 to keep boredom at bay. So far we have covered music, film, work, gaming and sport.

Nokia Lumia 625

Today though, we have something special lined up. We’ve got a group of Nokia Boredom Fighters looking out for pictures on Twitter to make less boring and more exciting!

For example, here are a couple of boring, run of the mill ZZZzzz images that our boredom fighters have used their digital crayons on to turn into something a little more interesting.









So from tomorrow, our Boredom Fighters are going to be looking at the #fightboredom hashtag on Twitter and selecting your images to be transformed. The Boredom Fighters are looking for pictures of people and or pets, so make sure you stick to that if you want to take part!

The Boredom Fighters will be creating images from Tuesday (17th) up until Thursday (19th) evening. Get tweeting your images now and watch the magic unfold! We’ll be showcasing our favourite ones on Friday so keep an eye out for that too.