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January 23, 2014

Poll: Nokia Black Update, what’s your favourite feature?

We’ve been enjoying features from the latest Nokia Black update for the past week. We’d love to know what you’ve been using most, too.

Some of the changes that Black brought to the Windows Phone 8 operating system are hidden beneath the skin, making your phone run more smoothly. But a host of new options, upgrades and apps will have revolutionised your Nokia Lumia.


For example, we love the introduction of App Folders. It brings folders to the Start Screen for the first time, making it much easier to organise all your apps and settings, so everything is but a single tap away.

Back to Black: App download links

Or how about the fact you can now lock the screen so it doesn’t rotate? Or change your Glance Screen settings to add different notifications or colours?

Then there are other fantastic apps such as Nokia Refocus and Nokia Storyteller.

We’d love to know which (just one) of the following features has had the biggest impact on your daily life and why. So, as well as voting leave a comment. We’ll publish the results shortly.