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March 11, 2014

Nokia Lumia 1020 photography kitbag

Having a super-powerful smartphone camera like the Nokia Lumia 1020’s, means you can point and shoot and capture something amazing every time. But if you want to take your mobile photography to the next level, you might like to get fully tooled up.

There’s a wealth of equipment on the market that work with your Nokia Lumia 1020.

We’ve searched the Web to put together a Nokia Lumia 1020 photography kitbag.


1. The bag


If you’re wandering the streets looking for an urban shot, or facedown in a pile of leaves for a nature shot, you’ll want a bag that’s tough but lightweight for slinging over your shoulder.

We’ve chosen the Crumpler Jackpack – 1500. Measuring (internally) 17 x 13 x 9.5 cm, it’s got heaps of storage space without being cumbersome.

With a soft protective lining, it will be kind to your equipment. Plus, the tough outside material should hold most of the day-to-day elements at bay.

Load it up, chuck it over your shoulder and you’re good to go.

2. Nokia Camera Grip

This Nokia Camera Grip is a must-have. It clips onto your Lumia 1020 and serves two purposes.

One, it’s ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand while allowing for one-handed use, thanks to the sturdy grip.


Two, there’s a built-in rechargeable 1020mAh battery that should see you take up to 285 extra shots, or 48 more minutes of video.


3. A tripod

The Nokia Camera Grip has  a handy screw mount on the bottom, allowing you to attach any standard camera tripod.

Why not try the GorillaPod Original for this bag as it’s small, lightweight, and the legs can be manipulated into many different positions.

It is perfect for getting down low to the ground, or for attaching to something way up high – a good all-rounder.


4. DC-18

If you’re pulling an all-nighter, you may want to take the extra power to the next level. Cue the Nokia DC-18 portable charger. Charge, one, two, or even three of these things before you go and you’ll be shooting all weekend without the need for a plug.

5. Waterproof pouch

Lumias are built to last, but if you’re going to be battling the elements, a pouch gives you that added confidence to take a risk when looking for the perfect shot. Even inside the pouch, you’re able to interact with your phones screen, take photos and use the phone as normal.

There are literally hundreds of different types of these waterproof pouches and they all have the same purpose – stop your phone from getting wet. Take a look at the BoddBan – the customer reviews all say it’s good. At the time I had a Lumia 800 I used something similar. It survived a tropical downpour and it spent an entire day submerged in the Coral Sea as I took it snorkelling with me.



Hardware aside, go prepared with some clever software.

Nokia Camera is perfect for any shot. You can take manual control of the focus, change the shutter speed for creating light trails, or adjust the brightness for when the sun’s just that little bit too bright.

Make sure you check out all of our tutorials for tips on how to make the most of Nokia Camera.

If you’re into taking large, wide-angle shots, go armed with Nokia Panorama. Start with one shot and the app asks you to move the camera slightly so it can capture the next shot, and the next. It then kindly stitches all the photos together for you.

If you’re looking to get a little creative and share some interactive photography, try out Nokia Refocus.

By focusing on everything in shot all at once, you’re left with a photo where you can choose the focal point after you’ve taken the shot.

What’s more, you can share that photo with your friends on Facebook where they can also adjust the focus right from within your news feed.

The three apps listed above help you with the photo-taking process; try Nokia Creative Studio for editing your snaps afterwards.

With Nokia Creative Studio you can colour-pop (turn the photo black & white, but leave in single colours in for special effect), add a tilt shift effect, crop and rotate, or alter the colour balance, brightness, clarity or vibrance. It’s all there.

Of course, if after all of that you still want more, share your day’s work and a picture of your well-earned coffee using Instagram.

What accessories do you value most when shooting that perfect picture? Share your comments below.