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April 2, 2014

Nokia X update: your questions answered

The Nokia X family of phones, launched at MWC 2014, brought with it the opportunity for the next billion people to get connected. Naturally, Conversations readers had questions. We answered as many as possible back then, and now we’ve updated our Q&A.


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**Updated 2 April 2014**


@ Mahmoud Algamal

Q. I’m trying to set ringtone for a contact saved in [my] phone but I [couldn’t] find it in SD memory. What can I do?


A. Currently, ringtones for individual contacts can only set system ringtones, though in settings you can set external ringtones against each of your SIM cards.


@ Stefan

Q. Last time, you said that widgets are supported. How do you add them?


A. Just tap and hold any item on the home screen, followed by the widget icon located at the bottom right of your screen. Any widgets that are already installed on your phone will be displayed here. To download more, navigate to the widget category on Nokia Store.


@ Matt

Q. Does anyone know how to do group messaging in Nokia X?


A. To send SMS messages to multiple people, simply add a comma between each contact in the ‘to’ field.


@ Roman

Q. Is there any way to quickly find stuff straight from the home screen?


A. The search function is very useful; pull down the home screen to bring the search bar into view. From here you can locate apps, search the internet or even HERE Maps content.


@ Baljit

Q. Is “rooting” allowed on the Nokia X?


A. The Nokia X has been designed to be fit for purpose, with beautiful design, great apps and services from Nokia and Microsoft, and access to a world of Android apps. We believe people will benefit most from its standard configuration.


@ Owais Abhi

Q. Can we change the themes of Nokia X?


A. At the moment, this is not possible. However, you can resize and reposition home-screen tiles and create app folders to organise your content.


@ jb

Q. My Nokia X doesn’t have MixRadio. When I try accessing the site it says it’s not supported or available in my country (Philippines).


A. MixRadio is available in certain countries where Nokia has the appropriate distribution agreements with the record labels. At this time, the service is not available in the Philippines.


@ Gilly

Q. I can see the apps I’ve used, calls I’ve made, and other events in my Fastlane, but why can’t I see upcoming events?


A. Upcoming events in your calendar are located at the top of your Fastlane. Try pulling Fastlane down beyond the ‘Recent’ section and the future will be revealed.


@ Fernández

Q. Where’s the best place to download apps or games onto my Nokia X?


A. We would recommend downloading anything via the Nokia Store. Everything you get from here has undergone vigorous checks to ensure sure that the content you’re downloading is secure and safe.


There are other third-party app stores available, however we have no control over their content.


@ Omari

Q. Is there a fast way to switch on/off settings, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the network?


A. Yes. Swipe your finger (or thumb) down from the top edge of the screen and you’ll be presented with options for activating or deactivating certain functions, such as those you mention plus a silent key, and Wi-Fi connection points.



@ Zohaib Sheikh

Q. What is the price of this phone?

A. Prices of each device vary from country to country. Click here to check your local availability and more information.


@ Martha Wells

Q. Will Nokia bring PureView to the Nokia X?

A. There aren’t plans to do so, but in the meantime, there are plenty of photography apps available to add creativity and flair to your photos. Also, the Nokia XL will come with a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, ideal for selfies and these Skype calls you make it everyday!



@ Jens Larse

Q. … will it be possible to run Spotify free on it?

A. The overwhelming majority of Android apps will run on the Nokia X family, so in theory, yes. Don’t forget – it already comes with Nokia MixRadio preloaded and free to use, online and off!



@ Varun

Q. When it is available in India?

A. Right now!




@ Daniel 

Q. How many megapixels does the front camera on the Nokia XL have?

A. There’s a 2-megapixel front camera and 5-megapixel rear camera with LED flash and auto-focus. Great for Skype video calls.


@ Jez

Q. What mapping services come with Nokia X?

A. HERE Maps are included for online and offline functionality, with maps available for nearly 200 countries, and point-by-point navigation that covers 98 countries (you can select one) for free. HERE Maps is also integrated into Fastlane.



@ Mohamed Nasr

Q. Can I change the tiles colour?

A. Not at the moment – they’re pre-determined by category, but stay tuned for more on this front. One thing you can do now is to resize the tiles and re-arrange them on the homescreen, as you wish.


@ Cryio

Q. The X series look brilliant. One thing I don’t understand though: why didn’t Nokia launch it with Kitkat? Or at least 4.3?

A. Nokia X is based on Android Open Software Project (AOSP) and we are using the version with the broadest mainstream reach. What’s most important is that we are bringing something very unique with this family: the combination of great design, access to a world of Android apps, plus signature Nokia experiences and the most popular Microsoft services.


@ Voitek

Q. Does the Nokia X support widgets?

A. Absolutely, you can access the collection from the homescreen and place them alongside your tiles.


@ Jared

Q. What Microsoft apps and services come with the device?

A. Microsoft OneDrive (including 10GB of free cloud storage, right out of the box),, Skype and Bing search.




@ Juan Martinez

Q. What storage do the phones come with?

A. All devices in the Nokia X family can support up to 32GB MicroSD cards. The Nokia X+ and Nokia XL come with a 4GB card included.


Have you any more questions? Ask us in the comments below and we’ll endeavor to answer them.