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June 6, 2014

Time for an arty party with the MVC Wall of Fame!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – our community rocks.

Time after time, you blow us away with your creativity and imaginative ideas. So it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t keep thinking of ways to say thank you.

One way we do this is through #ConnectsMVC. Each month, as many of you know, we select one person who has done something particularly inspirational around the Connects community. Can you believe it? MVC is nearly approaching its first birthday!

Wall to wall celebrations

We’ve had every kind of winner this year from top class photographers, to amazing app developers, to brilliant bloggers – every single winner has been phenomenal in their own way. We wanted to find a way to celebrate all the inspirational and innovative achievements of our winners over the first year and how better to celebrate than with an abstract and awesome art installation! It is now time to introduce you all too… the #ConnectsMVC Wall Of Fame!

We asked Shaun Mills to produce a work of art that perfectly embodied the spirit of our community. The wall is quirky, colourful (of course) and full of vibrancy. So without further ado, it’s time to take a look…


Tweet to win

As you can see, each of our winners is represented in the wall, just in a slightly abstract way. Now for the fun bit… can you recognise any of them? If you can, you’re in luck! The first person to guess each person just by their picture wins a pair of Coloud headphones and some music vouchers! Just tweet @Connects with the tag #ConnectsMVC with the number on the wall above and the person’s name.

We’re providing a little re-cap for each winner for you to help you out, check it!

    • David Barbars,  from Latvia who won with his brilliant Lumia door collage.
    • South African Wynand Van Staden who won for his giant 3310 cake! (this is an easy one!)
    • France’s  Rudy Huyn who won for his development of the 6Tag app.
    • The marvelous Tommi Vainionpaa from Finland who took incredible nature photography.
    • Olivier Noirhomme, from Belguim, who won with his brilliant timelapse videos.
    • Hungarian David Detko who won for his incredible macro photography.
    • Julie Grienenberger who heads up – France’s number one place to get Windows Phone news!
    • Ram Kashyap for the Nokia Student Developer project he began in his home country of India.
    • Croatian Ana Puzar for her Tiny Planet and generally awesome photography.
    • Seb Galazzo, from Italy, who created 4Blend HDR App for Windows Phone.

So if you think you know who each person is on the wall, tweet us and let us know today!

We think the Wall of Fame is pretty cool and we think you will too. If you’re curious to know how Shaun worked his magic check out the time-lapse video below.

A world of MVC opportunities

As you can see, MVC Winners come from all around the world this year, from India to Finland to France (two winners, go France!), but if your country isn’t represented, maybe it’s time to do something about it. Know someone doing amazing things with Windows Phone? Nominate them for #ConnectsMVC today and get your country on the map!

What’s more, remember to keep your eyes peeled for more exciting news about #ConnectsMVC next week, including May’s winner and next month’s theme! In the meantime – get sharing that Wall Of Fame and think how you could join our top ten.