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December 31, 2014

The votes are in! Meet the Connects Personality of 2014

Wow! What a year! Here on Connects we’ve published nearly 500 stories, many showcasing you, our amazing Lumia-loving community.

Each and every one of you helped to make this community the fantastic place that we all know and love. But there can only be one Connects Personality of the Year. So, we painstakingly put together a shortlist of 14 fabulous Connectors that have done some pretty amazing things with their Lumias, and let you, our wonderful community, choose the person that most deserves the title of Connects Personality of 2014. And boy did you deliver. Nearly 1500 of you voted, so without further ado, let’s take a look at your top 5 choices, in reverse order. (And yes, we know the title picture gives you a very, very big clue to the winner, but we wanted to celebrate the fantastic runners up too 🙂

Connects75th place: Phil Galloway, 7.1%

Phil has not only been featured as August’s MVC, but he is the go-to guy when it comes to creating Lumiatastic art using the Fresh Paint app. He has even given us a ton of Fresh Paint tips so that we can all do our best to be as artistic as he is. With so many great contributions to the community this year, it’s no wonder he made our readers’ top 5 list.



Connects124th place:  João Oliveira a.k.a. Jonas, 7.8%

During the last year, the Mobile Photography Blog’s Jonas has spent quite a bit of time here in the Connects community. Jonas has contributed a priceless panorama tutorial, let us republish stunning macros and cityscape photos by his blog’s readers, and has even sent us interesting post ideas. He helps to make a great community even greater, a quality that lands him in your top 5 choices.


connects63rd place: Husain Ujjainwala, 10.1%

You all probably already know Husain. He’s the winner of the #LumiaBW Instagram competition, an Instagramer of the Week, and has shared his insights on silhouette photography with all of us. To top it all off, he’s racked up over 200 comments! This Connects superstar took 3rd place in our poll.


emanuela12nd place: Emanuela Zaccone, 24.5%

Emanuela is one of our hard-working MVC judges and a self-described storyteller and explorer in motion. She sometimes shares her stories here at Connects, which often include her Lumia 1020. In addition, she’s always ready to congratulate and support her fellow Connects community members (as many of you may know already). It’s no surprise that you voted her into the coveted second place!

1st place: Patrick Walsh, 40.3%

Who doesn’t love the “1600 selfie man” Patrick Walsh? Clearly he has made a huge impression on the Connects community with his cool projects and top photography tips that we’ve featured here, as well as through his amazing Lumia photography community NBAN. His efforts have earned him the title of Connects Personality of the Year. Big congrats to Patrick!


We’d like to send out a massive thank you to our winner Patrick Walsh and to all of our 14 contenders, each of whom have made valuable contributions to Connects. We’d also like to thank each and every one of our readers and commenters – it’s you guys that help to shape our Connects community into the delightful and wonderful place that it is. So here’s to 2014, and let’s hope that 2015 is just as amazing.