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December 23, 2014

The Fab 14: Vote for the Connects Personality of the Year

Hey, it’s the season of love, joy and laughter! What better way to celebrate that than by giving some special attention to our super special Connects community.

First of all we’d like to thank each and everyone of you for making our work so interesting and rewarding for yet another year. You’ve done some truly amazing things with your Lumias, and what’s more, you’ve given us the chance to tell the world about it.

To round off a fabulous year, we thought it would be nice to showcase one community member who really stood out from the crowd. Trouble is we couldn’t, because there are so many of you who have blown our minds in 2014. It’s been tough enough to put together a shortlist, which is why we now need your help. Who, out of the fourteen Lumia lovers showcased below, will you choose as the Connects Personality of the Year? Scroll down and cast your vote!

connects3Lee Righini

Voted by you as the greatest Lumia filmmaker ever, Lee has made Lumia movie magic about a myriad of fascinating subjects, which we’ve had the privilege to cover. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, his portfolio is as broad as your imagination: “Underwater diving, snowboarding, music videos, even swimming in shark-infested waters – you name it, Lee has done it (and documented it).”

connects4Emanuela Zaccone

Emanuela, one of our MVC judges, calls herself a storyteller and an explorer in perpetual motion. Here at Connects, we never tire of her stories, as they most often include her Lumia 1020. What’s more, she’s one of the regular commenters for our posts, always ready to support and congratulate other Lumia lovers for their successes.

connects5Stuart Nickel

You won’t find a bed for your Lumia in your local shop, which is why carpenter Stuart Nickel got creative. We love the custom-made wooden chair and bed (with a duvet, too!) this community member crafted for his Lumia. If that’s not true Lumia love, what is?

connects6Husain Ujjainwala

The hugely talented winner of the #LumiaBW Instagram competition and subsequently an owner of his very own Lumia 1020, Husain is also one of the most proactive members of the Connects community. He’s shared his insights on silhouette photography, been Instagramer of the Week and left over 200 comments on our posts.

connects8Susan Wong

Susan’s taken the use of her Lumia 1020 well beyond just photography, to produce travel and food journalism that inspires us all. In 2014, she’s been featured in Connects as both Instagramer of the Week and a #LumiaExplorer – deservedly so, too!

Connects9Jez Corden

The world’s is jam packed with people claiming to be Microsoft’s number one fan, but only one has coded a Xbox games site using his Surface Pro 2 to prove it. What’s more, Jez is always happy to share his peerless game playing expertise with Lumia lovers here on Lumia Conversations. A top man and a top player.

connects11Patrick Walsh

Author and founder of the awesome online Lumia photography community, NBAN, the “1600 selfie man” has taken his Lumia to more places than most, and what’s best, he’s been happy to share his journey with us. Patrick’s Connects contributions in 2014 range from cool creative projects to indispensable photography tips. What’s more, he always does it all with a big smile on his face.

Connects10Mia Mullarky

Happily, there are plenty of talented Lumia film makers around, but none have been so successful at showcasing feline infatuation with our smartphones as Mia Mullarky. winner of our Social Media Week creative contest her “catz using Lumia 930” video has over 300 thousand views on YouTube. If you’ve yet to enjoy its feline frolics, check it out here.

Connects7Phil Galloway

The MVC winner for August and a marvellous Fresh Paint maestro, Phil Galloway introduced us to painting on our Lumias. And if that weren’t enough, he recently went down to London’s SpitalField Market to share his skills with Christmas shoppers. Thanks for giving us a fab new hobby and some excellent insights!

connects12Jim O’Brien

The collector extraordinaire, Jim O’Brien, found Connects fame with his amazing array of Nokia devices. A total guru when it comes to Lumias, Jim O’Brien is always ready to share his thoughts and expertise in both support forums and comments.

Connectspersonality1Jullietta Stoencheva

Jullietta is one of those people who has used her Lumia to take her creative expertise to the next level, as demonstrated by her recent shortlisting for Instagramer of the Month and her Connects takeover. However, what make her such a fantastic member of the community is the way she masterfully helps manage the NBAN instagram feed, sharing fantastic Lumia photos day after day.

Connects12João Oliveira a.k.a. Jonas

Jonas of the Mobile Photography Blog has dedicated heaps of time and effort to our community in the last year. Besides sending interesting ideas for posts, he’s given us a priceless panorama tutorial and let us republish stunning macros and cityscape photos by his blog’s readers.

Connects14Olivier Noirhomme

If there’s one man who has mastered the art of the timelapes Lumia video, it’s filmmaker Olivier Noirhomme.  An MVC winner and a silver medalist in our greatest Lumia filmmaker ever poll, Oliver’s has generously shared his expertise with the Connects community time after time. For a recap be sure to check out his top tips here.

Connects8Antonio Garcia

Antonio is one of the best Lumia photographers we’ve ever come across, and we’ve been honoured to include his work in several posts. Thanks to the incredible shots he takes with his Lumia 1020, he was voted Instagramer of the Month in October.

With their mind-blowing photography, awesome adventures and pioneering projects, these people have once again proven that there is no limit to Lumia lovers’ creativity. We know it’s a challenge, but it’s time to make up your mind. Who, oh who, will be selected as the first ever Connects personality of the year. The results will be published a week from today, so vote for your favourite right now and then cross your fingers! And, in case we overlooked someone special (I’m sure we did as a shortlist is always too short!), please give them some love in the comments below!