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February 12, 2015

Celebrating Lumia love this Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re long-married or celebrating the first Valentine’s Day with your special someone, your Lumia can help love grow on this heart-shaped holiday.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and your Lumia can help make sure the holiday goes off without a hitch.

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love letters

First, OneNote is the perfect place to jot your feelings down before you profess your Valentine’s Day messages to your loved one. You can even scribble your plans and your gift list.

If you need more ideas, here are some apps to help you.

Love Letters

If you are looking for love quotes and romantic messages, then your search ends with the Love Letters app. Sharing your inner feelings is the best Valentine’s gift, and your roses and box of chocolates will be even more personalized when you say it words.


Tom’s Love Letters 


Want something more whimsical? Send an animated card of the feline characters, Talking Tom and Talking Angela, to express your feelings. Choose from 19 romantic cards and four songs that you can listen to and buy.



The Groupon app will help you find the best local deals on things to do, places to see, and restaurants to dine. It should be your go-to place to save money and purchase that pair of earrings your amour has been talking about.

Also, check out other daily deal apps for Windows Phone.


If you live in the U.S. or Canada, the OpenTable app will help you book a table at many restaurants near you. You can also earn dining points to pay for meals if you choose an OpenTable restaurant.

Readers living in U.K. and India can use the Zomato app to choose from their favorite restaurant or eating-places and use the “call” option to make reservations the old-fashioned way.



Watching the latest movie on the big screen is always fun, but what if the current releases don’t excite you? Select your favorite movies or tune into the latest television shows on your Lumia thanks to the ever-reliable Netflix app.

For readers where Netflix subscription doesn’t work, try these other television and movie apps for your Lumia. 

Say it with Flowers

If your better half loves flowers, try the Say it with Flowers app. Choose a beautiful arrangement from the app’s selection of photos and compose a flowery message.

Lumia selfie


Capture special moments with your love by clicking selfies with the Lumia selfie app. You can also pair a treasure tag with your Lumia and make it a remote shutter for taking photos. Read our recent story to understand how to remotely take selfies using Treasure Tag.


Want to prepare a special homemade meal for a romantic evening? Get help from the Allrecipes app. The app’s step-by-step videos will show how to make the best fondue or other delicious dishes. You can also save recipes as favorites should you decide to make them again.


So you’ve cooked the perfect meal but forgot your collection of love songs. Let Spotify and the colorful Bang speakers by Coloud rescue you. Before you finalize your plans, don’t forget to carry the Microsoft Portable Power with you and celebrate an uninterrupted day of love.


Lumia love in Italy

Since it is all about Lumia love this February, our readers in Italy have a chance to get a brand new Lumia 435 when they buy the Lumia 535.

The offer is valid until February 22. For conditions and details, go here (please note that the page is in Italian).