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June 1, 2015

How do you stay fit with your Lumia?

The results are in! We asked Lumia owners in the U.S. to share how they stay in shape using their smartphones. Here’s what they said.

Two weeks ago, we posed this question to Lumia owners in the U.S. on our Twitter feed @LumiaUS: How do you use your Lumia phone to stay fit?

Specifically, do you use fitness apps to help you plan and schedule workouts, music apps to keep you pumped during a workout, or nutrition apps to keep you on track with your dietary goals?

The results are in: With almost 53 percent of the vote, fitness apps are most-used by Lumia owners to stay in shape.

Here’s the breakdown:

Fitness Apps: 52.54 percent
Music Apps: 30.70 percent
Nutrition Apps: 16.76 percent

We’ve written about how to stay healthy and active with Lumia, but what are some of the best apps on the market to help you achieve your fitness goals? We wondered the same thing!

If you’re ready to get in shape this summer, here are some apps to get you started. If you’re one of the 53 percent who’s already using a fitness app, why not add a music and nutrition app to the mix?


Health & Fitness (free)
This Microsoft app is a mainstay for your Lumia with Windows Phone 8.1. It can track the number of steps taken daily, analyze your cardio training, track your daily calorie intake, and show you hundreds of different workout routines.

BodBot (free)
BodBot is a personal trainer, nutritionist, and coach– it’s an excellent solution if you need both a fitness and nutrition app in one.

It offers customized exercise plans based on your fitness goals such as adding muscle or losing fat. In addition, you can input your meals to track your eating habits and help you reach dietary goals.

You can also get a one-year premium subscription ($120) for free–read our previous story for instructions. The offer ends June 20, so act fast!

miCoach train & run (free)
This personal coach is excellent for runners and bikers trying to build their speed and endurance. The app tracks the distance and pace of your runs as well as the calories burned and elapsed time. It even offers easy access to your music library through the app.

Runtastic (free)
You guessed it–this app is designed for runners! But it’s also great for anyone into biking, yoga, and weight lifting. Track all your activities–duration, distance, pace, calories burned, speed, elevation, and more–and even let your family and friends know where your exercise routine has taken you with live GPS support that shows them your current position.


GYM Radio (free)
Boost your workout with motivating, high-energy music that pushes you to the next level. There are no ads in the music and it’s always on.

SoundCloud Pro (free)
This SoundCloud client for Windows Phone will keep you pumped with streaming popular music. Just select the category of music that energizes you and get going!


Nutrition Hub (free)
Manage your nutritional intake with this powerful app that accesses extensive food databases covering restaurant foods, generic foods, and packaged foods.

Scan barcodes for easy searching and keep track of everything from calories to carbs, protein, sugars, and saturated fat. Nutrition Hub is free to download, but does require a paid subscription.

FatSecret (free)
This food diary and calorie counter can help you plan your daily meal plan. Track your weight over time and keep a detailed journal of what you’re eating and how many calories have been burned.

So we’ve heard from the U.S.–how about the rest of you? Tell us how you use Lumia to stay fit in the comments below.

What are your favorite apps that help you stay in shape?