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June 12, 2015

Meet the developers behind Perfect Workout and Perfect Clock

We recently wrote about Perfect Workout and also  featured Perfect Clock. Now, let’s meet the developers who like to make these “perfect” Windows Phone apps.

Vietnam-based developers Vương Thành Chung and Vỹ Nguyễn call their company “Perfect Thumb.” While their love for Windows and Windows Phone brought them together, little did they know that their chance meeting would generate the launch of 10 Windows Phone apps in under six months!

perfect thumn team

The two are busy testing two new WP apps: Perfect Dictionary (which just launched)and Perfect Timekit, which will be released soon. We caught up with them to learn about their app-development experience.

Q: Why name the team Perfect Thumb?

Chung: Our aim is to make the best app out there and be perfect at what we do. When we decide to do something, we have to make sure it is the best or simply perfect!


Q: Tell us about your team members. 

Chung: We are a two-member team and I am the designer for all our apps. Besides that, I do video production, marketing and communications.

Vỹ: I am a multiplatform developer, and focus on core developing for the team.

Q: Why did you decide to make Perfect Clock, Perfect Workout and other apps?

Chung: We thought to build our brand with these useful apps, which a regular smartphone user would use in his everyday life.

Our apps are stylish and have a modern design. They are easy to use and are highly customizable.

Q: What other apps have you developed so far?

Chung: We have made 10 apps. Perfect Note and Perfect Clock were our first apps. We are releasing two more apps now.

Q: What did you learn while creating Perfect Clock, Perfect Workout and other apps?

Chung: With every app, I have learnt different aspects such as planning, making a business model and even trying out the tools to support the development of products.

Q: What improvements do you hope to make to your Perfect Clock and Perfect Workout apps?

We will add more clock styles in Perfect Clock. Perfect Workout will have more exercises and will have a Windows version soon.

Q: Why did you become developers?  

Chung:  I studied programming in college but then I got exposed to design and decided to pursue it in the second year of my studies. I have designed for seven years for an outsourcing company and finally decided to set up a team to build something on my own.

Vỹ: As a kid, I liked programming and was amazed by the power of computing. I wanted to control the various levels of programming and thus became a developer.


Q: What do you think of Windows as a platform for developing apps?   

Vỹ: Windows is a great platform, which is easy to access. Especially, for developers like us who usually use C# for coding. Besides, Visual Studio supports many powerful tools for app development.

Q: What are some of the challenges of app development?

Chung: The most difficult thing is to achieve the perfect balance between giving users useful apps, sustain[ing] our reputation and get[ting] some revenue in the process.

Q: What’s the most fun part of app development?

Chung: When we get the revenue, we want to make something new for Windows Phone store and make the best apps!

Q: What are your tips for budding app developers?

Chung: I believe that one should make useful things [apps] for users, something that you would want to use it as well.

Q: What do you like to do besides app development?

Chung: I like to exercise and spend my free time with my family and playing with my son.

Vỹ: I read books and like to swim.

Thanks for talking to us, Chung and Vỹ!