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October 30, 2015

Our 5 best Surface and Lumia apps of the week

Just in time for Halloween, here are our picks for the five best new apps for the Surface tablet and Lumia phones.

Are the ghosts and goblins of Halloween making you feel lifeless? Revitalize with these five new apps—all games this week!–that deserve a spot on your Lumia or Surface.

Disney Infinity 3

Disney Infinity 3.0

What is it: toy-box adventure game for Windows 10 tablets and PCs

Why we love it: The characters, stories, and worlds of Star Wars™ join the lineup of your favorite characters from Disney, Marvel, and DisneyŸPixar. As always, the goal is to create endless opportunities for imagination-fueled play.

“Disney Infinity 3.0” (free) lets you play the way you like. As new heroes join forces with characters from previous editions, you can play in their worlds—zooming through the Star Wars galaxy or inhabiting the inner space of “Inside Out,” for example.

Who it’s for: The young at heart


What is it: a puzzle-roleplaying game for Windows phone

Why we love it: You’ve never heard of the animals in “Runemals” (free), but they might turn out to be your best friends. This epic story of a boy on Rune Island and his newfound pet animal starts you off on an adventure of capturing, training, and evolving some very unusual animals of your own—then taking them to battle powerful enemies.

Lead your team of creatures across the wilds of Rune Island, sharpening your strategy and managing your energy resources. If you’re really good, you’ll get the loot, but you’ll also get old-school fun in this turn-based roleplaying game.

Who it’s for: Strategic thinkers


Contre Jour

What is it: physics game for Windows phone

Why we love it: An almost featureless but thoroughly charming one-eyed blob named Petit is the star of “Contre Jour” ($2.99), an addictive, charmingly atmospheric physics-based adventure.

In this strictly multi-touch game, your finger helps you swing, roll, and bump Petit to safety through a gray-scale world of clever puzzles. Bursts of air, pulleys, tentacles, and other tools are what you use to help him get through each one.

Who it’s for: the nimble-fingered


Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta (Halloween update)

What is it: the ultimate sandbox game for Windows phone and Windows 10 tablets and PCs

Why we love it: What will you be this Halloween? A creepy creeper? A spooky spider? A mooshroom? Now you can dress up in Minecraft with 15 new skins from the Halloween Costume Pack on Pocket Edition ($6.99) and Windows 10 ($9.99)!

Who it’s for: World builders

Trivial Pursuit & Friends

What is it: classic pop-culture game with a twist for Windows phone and Windows tablet

 Why we love it: The all-new “Trivial Pursuit & Friends” (free) takes the best of the original and adds lightning-fast mental showdowns and a frantic trivia party with four players guessing at the same time.

There are even specially themed weekly quizzes with subjects such as “Zombie Apocalypse” and “Fashionista.” Join the quiz community to chat with friends and opponents, play head-to-head with people just about anywhere, and create and share your own stumpers for others to guess.

Who it’s for: trivia junkies