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Get the ultimate Hunger Games Windows 7 taskbar with Internet Explorer 9

After months of hype and excitement from the millions of fans around the world, The Hunger Games finally opens in theaters today.

And with The Hunger Games on the brain this week here on the Internet Explorer team, we thought it would be fun to create the ultimate Hunger Games taskbar on our Windows 7 PC’s.

How do you do it? Just open your favorite sites and drag the tab to your Windows 7 taskbar to get your sites one-click away with Internet Explorer 9! So what sites are key if you’re the ultimate Hunger Games fan?

hungergames taskbar2


When people ask me what site they should pin first to their taskbar, I usually say Facebook. It’s where people spend the most time online these days, and with cool pinned features like notifications of new messages and posts on your taskbar, Facebook really shines with Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7.

If you’re a big Hunger Games fan, you’re probably already a fan of the official Facebook page for the movie, right? Our friends at Lionsgate are doing a ton of fun things for fans on Facebook, including exclusive movie clips and images. You can even join the page for one of the 12 districts of Panem (we here at Microsoft like District 3 – The Technology District – especially).

The Capitol Tour

The Capitol, as we announced this week, is now open for citizens to tour! Immerse yourself in the feel of the Capitol before heading out to see the movie – check out the Welcome Center, Avenue of the Tributes, and the Control Center (which includes an easter egg I don’t think most people have found. But we won’t volunteer a hint just yet).


And you’ll want to keep it pinned to your taskbar. Two additional sections of the tour are yet to open – the Training Room and the Memorabilia Center – and there are some additional surprises in store. By pinning this site, you’ll be notified the second any new content is available.


Alright, you’re pumped up to go see the movie after seeing the Capitol now right? Fandango has you covered. Of course you can head online to buy tickets to The Hunger Games, but be sure to also check out the great custom jump list Fandango has created. You can right-click the Fandango icon to see the hottest tickets on sale that day, along with links to new trailers and content on the site.


The Weather Channel

OK, this one might be more of a wishful thinking item for Katniss and Peeta. How much could they have used The Weather Channel during the games? The Weather Channel has customized their jump list as well so you can get directly to your local weather. So while it can’t exactly help the tributes stuck in the Capitol-controlled arena, it can help you decide if you need an umbrella or sunglasses while you’re waiting to get a seat at the movie.


After the movie, you’re going to want to shout out to the world what you thought about the film, and we know many of you will probably head to Twitter. Join the Hunger Games discussion on Twitter quickly by firing up a new tweet directly from your taskbar. You can search with one-click from the jump list as well – I’m pretty sure the phrase “Hunger Games” will trend worldwide over the weekend!

twitter jump list

We love pinning our favorite sites with Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7 because it turns them into first-class citizens along with our favorite applications like Word and Excel. Whether you’re a Hunger Games fan or not, pin a site or two to try it out and get started – there are lots of great options in the Internet Explorer Gallery.

And if you haven’t bought your tickets yet and still hope to go this weekend, well, as they say in the book “may the odds be ever in your favor!”

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