May 16, 2012 10:22 am

Now Recruiting for Weyland Industries: Internet Explorer Partners with Fox for “Prometheus” Movie

NOW HIRING. In preparation for the upcoming film Prometheus (in theaters on June 8), Weyland Industries is accepting applicants to join the crew of the Project Prometheus spaceship. Today, the Internet Explorer team is proud to announce our partnership with Fox Studios to create the Project Prometheus Training Center — designed entirely in HTML5 — giving fans the chance to demonstrate they are capable of being a crew member on the Prometheus ship.

The Training Center hosts a series of online physical and cognitive assessments that will test your ability to be a functioning member of the Project Prometheus team, including testing emotional and intelligence quotients, spatial relations, agility, and even your ability to withstand 46 G’s. The top performers will be featured, and every day we will highlight one “Elite Applicant” that has top performing test results across all five assessments. We know there are Prometheus fans that can’t wait for the summer blockbuster release (those of us on the IE team included!), and we think the Training Center provides fans a fun way to jump into the world of Weyland Industries and Project Prometheus.

The HTML5 experience leans heavily upon jQuery for the UI and controls, and the team even created a special 3D library for the Spatial Relations and Prefrontal Cortex Assessments to import features such as 3D models, lighting, hit testing and camera rotation. The code library will be available for download on our Internet Explorer channel on GitHub in the coming weeks.

prometheus 1

“By partnering with the Internet Explorer team, we were able to create an online experience that makes visitors part of the Prometheus experience. The HTML5 and hardware accelerated capabilities of Internet Explorer 9 gave us the power we needed to provide amazingly realistic mental and physical challenges that bring the Training Center to life,” said Ira Rubenstein, EVP Digital at Twentieth Century Fox.

Since the introduction of Internet Explorer 9, one of our big focuses on the IE team has been to create rich and compelling online experiences showcasing the power of HTML5. From our launch of the popular game Cut the Rope, to creating interactive music videos, and highlighting futuristic graphic novels with Brandon Generator, we’re continuously looking to drive the web forward and push the envelope with regards to what can be developed in HTML5. Working with Fox on the Project Prometheus Training Center gave us the opportunity to build our interactive HTML5 content on top of the rich narrative from the Prometheus movie.

prometheus 2

We built the Project Prometheus assessments so you can use any futuristic browser you like – though “Weyland Industries recommends” using the latest version of Internet Explorer. When using Internet Explorer 9, you will have the opportunity to participate in preferred candidate assessments reserved exclusively for IE users.  These preferred assessments will boost your overall score, giving you a competitive edge to place in the top scoring percentile of those who are accepted to Project Prometheus.

Do you have what it takes to keep your head at 46 G’s? Good luck!

Ryan Gavin, General Manager, Internet Explorer

Updated November 8, 2014 2:19 am

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