October 7, 2014 5:00 am

Bringing the World’s Treasures to the Web

At Internet Explorer, we’ve long understood that the web is a unique window to the world, something that creates unseen connections and provides access to data on unprecedented levels. And that’s why we launched our Rethink campaign, to encourage everyone to rethink what the web can be, and to push it forward in their own way. Today we’re announcing a new partnership with CyArk, an organization deeply committed to ensuring that world heritage sites are available for future generations, as part of our presence at the 2014 CyArk Annual Summit.

Using pioneering web technologies, we teamed up to build an all new website for CyArk to showcase the world’s most treasured cultural sites. Based on jaw-dropping models scanned and built by CyArk that are accurate down to the half inch, the brand new CyArk.org will feature a number of sites in some of the most detailed 3D that has ever been seen on the web.

A Walk Through History

Designed from the ground-up for the modern touch browser, the all-new CyArk.org is built to scale with CyArk on their mission to document 500 heritage sites within five years. The new site utilizes advanced hardware acceleration and WebGL – a web technology that allows users to enjoy 3D content usually limited to apps but here available within a browser as well.

Mt. Rushmore – Check out George’s nose and Teddy’s moustache

CyArk’s founders, Ben and Barbara Kacyra, were inspired to act and protect the world’s collective heritage because of the destruction of the ancient Bamiyan Buddahs in Afghanistan in 2003. Their efforts were possible because of, among other things, an understanding of the technology expertise needed – including 3D scanning, computer graphics, photogrammetry, and more – for digital preservation on this scale.

And for Internet Explorer, it was this wonderful intersection of technology and the opportunity to make a difference that was so enticing to get involved and make the new CyArk.org happen.

Rani-ki-Vav – Explore this ancient, ornate stepwell

Similar to other Rethink experiences, the new CyArk.org is more than just a showcase of one technology or browser, it is a real-world site that takes what folks do on the web today and transforms it into something more beautiful and engaging through the power of modern and open web standards. And that is what IE is all about, creating real world, forward-thinking sites that let you experience the best touch browsing on a tablet, hardware-accelerated 3D Web graphics, and fast and responsive app-like performance.
Sydney Opera House – Make the climb to the top without a harness

With each Rethink experience, we aspire to push the boundaries of what’s possible, encouraging consumers and developers alike to expect more from the web. These experiences show graphics, performance and capabilities with touch that most would think are only possible in an app, not a web site.

Mayan Ruins – Peer inside the ruins of Caracol

Our hope with this project is to pass along a deep appreciation for these world heritage sites and contribute to an enduring digital archive that will survive for future generations. Finally, and most importantly, we hope to drive awareness so that people around the world pay attention whenever our collective heritage is at risk.

The new CyArk.org is now available, so please go explorer the world’s treasures today.

Steve Lake
Product Marketing Manager, Internet Explorer Marketing

Updated November 8, 2014 2:12 am

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