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Improving DevTools accessibility in Microsoft Edge

By Rachel Simone Weil

More than ever, web developers are recognizing that the web must be accessible and inclusive in order to create great experiences for Nearly half of computer users in the US also use some form of assistive technology (AT). Users of… Read more

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Accessibility improvements in EdgeHTML 15

By Microsoft Edge Team

In last year’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update, we introduced a new architecture for web accessibility, enabling a more accessible web with Microsoft With this dramatically improved foundation, we’ve been hard at work improving the experience even more in EdgeHTML 15… Read more

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Building in 10k: Content and Strategy

By Aaron Gustafson

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of posts from the team that built the 10k Apart contest page, exploring the process of building for interoperability, accessibility, and progressive enhancement in less than When Jeffrey Zeldman first approached… Read more

Illustration of a clockwork machine (the 10K Apart "Making Machine" logo) by Sarah Drasner.
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What would you do with 10kB?

By Aaron Gustafson

Sixteen years ago, Stewart Butterfield conceived of a contest that would test the mettle of any web designer: The The idea was that entrants would build an entire site in 5kb of code or Its aim was to force us… Read more