Beta Labs blows out its first birthday candle

By Microsoft Devices Team

INTERNATIONAL - This week sees Nokia Beta Labs celebrate its first Headed up by Tommi Vilkamo and his small team, it's kind of incredible to have witnessed how quickly Beta Labs has matured into such a dynamic site fuelled by… Read more

Video: Jeremy Belostock on the future of NFC

By Microsoft Devices Team

LONDON, UK - Earlier today we caught up with Jeremy Belostock, the man at the helm of Near Field Communication for We asked Jeremy about whether he sees NFC and 'touch to pay' becoming as natural and common an experience… Read more

New era of NFC phones fast becoming a reality

By Microsoft Devices Team

ESPOO, Finland - Near Field Communications, and the whole tap-to-pay and tap-to-share concept, is an exciting twist on the mobile convergence But it's felt somewhat anonymous without an attractive flagship device to associate with it, and something to ground the… Read more

Next generation mobile broadband gets a boost

By Microsoft Devices Team

ESPOO, Finland - Nokia has teamed up with a selection of other wireless technology companies to help drive the next phase of mobile Long Term Evolution is seen by many as the next-generation mobile network, beyond the current The new… Read more

Fresh gaming possibilities for emerging markets

By Microsoft Devices Team

INTERNATIONAL- N-Gage might be stealing the mobile gaming limelight, but it turns out that new videogame horizons could stretch far beyond high-spec wireless mobile multiplayer We came across a little-seen video posted on the Forum Nokia blog, highlighting the potential… Read more

Near field getting nearer

By Microsoft Devices Team

LONDON, England - This week the world of Near Field Communications (NFC) will descend on a London hotel to discuss the future of contact-less payment, new technology and (possibly) whether or not they'll be having another beer after It's predicted… Read more

Shining the silver light

By Microsoft Devices Team

SEATTLE, USA - Microsoft and Nokia are expecting to bring the new Silverlight platform to an estimated 150 million Nokia devices in the next few This means a world of new applications becoming available on S60 devices almost When the… Read more

Changing the way we work

By Microsoft Devices Team

SAN FRANCISCO, USA - The days of relying on having an office to stay in touch with colleagues is thankfully, going the way of the More companies are opening up to flexible working, mobility, and ensuring employees are where they're… Read more

Indexer Status Sidebar Gadget for Windows Search

By Brandon LeBlanc

Brandon Paddock, who works on the Windows Shell Team here at Microsoft, wrote a Windows Sidebar Gadget that displays the status of the Windows Search Download the Indexer Status Gadget I don't know about you but I think it's kind… Read more