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Using SQLite databases in UWP apps

By Gautam Kanumuru

For many developers, SQLite has become the preferred client-side technology for data It is a server-less, embedded, open-source database engine that satisfies most local data access There are numerous advantages that come with its use, many of which are explained… Read more


A New Input Paradigm in Windows – The Surface Dial

By Connor Weins

With the debut of Windows Ink in the Windows Anniversary Update, we introduced simultaneous pen and touch as the dawn of a revolutionary change in interacting with In our blog post, we discuss how you can use the APIs that… Read more


Windows Ink 1: Introduction to Ink and Pen

By Michael Crump

Support on Inking with the new Surface devices Read Windows Ink 2: Digging Deeper with Ink and Pen Read Windows Ink 3: Beyond Doodling Using a pen and computer has an interesting history that goes farther back than you’d In… Read more


Cross-device experiences with Project Rome

By Cam Scott

Overview Today we live in a multi-device world, and the way we use them spans different platforms and form factors: We read the morning news on our tablets, check email during the morning commute on our phones and use our… Read more


Introducing the Windows Device Portal Wrapper project

By Hirsch Singhal

With the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update came a new set of tools: the Windows Device Device Portal is a small web server baked into every Windows device that you can enable once you’ve turned on Developer We… Read more


Creating a Custom Ruler with DirectInk

By Mike Taulty

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update comes with a great set of enhancements to digital ink for both the user and Along with gaining knowledge from general inking resources, you will finish this post knowing how to create a custom ruler… Read more


Learn what every PC game dev should know about Windows 10

By Alex Teodorescu-Badia

Reposted with permission from Gamasutra Introduction: Building the best place… to build At GDC Europe 2016, the Microsoft developer platform team is excited to showcase the technologies we’ve been working on to make both game development and gaming better on… Read more