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October 9, 2007

Games for Windows LIVE 1.2 Coming Soon

This evening, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson revealed some tidbits on an upcoming update to Games for Windows – LIVE for the PC.

As you know, several games have launched under Games for Windows – LIVE that allow PC Games to tap into Xbox Live. Last May, I talked about my experience with Halo 2 for Windows Vista and a few months ago I also picked up Shadowrun. While Halo 2 for Windows Vista let me score achievements and add to my gamerscore – Shadowrun goes cross-platform by letting me play with gamers who are playing Shadowrun on their Xbox 360 consoles.

Like with Dashboard Updates to the Xbox 360, Microsoft can also update the Games for Windows – LIVE components within PC games such as Halo 2 for Windows Vista and Shadowrun that add functionality and bug fixes. Major Nelson highlights several changes coming with the 1.2 release:

  • Support for offline Achievements (so you can add to your gamerscore when not connected to the internet).
  • Ability to see if your friends are “joinable” in games.
  • Additional UI features.

I look forward to seeing these improvements for the 1.2 release for Games for Windows – LIVE. Major Nelson says we can expect to see this update available sometime next month.