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November 16, 2007

Two New Games for Windows Titles Hit This Week

Michael Wolf over on the Gamerscore Blog announced on Wednesday two new Games for Windows Live titles hitting store shelves this week: Crysis and Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Crysis received a score of 98 out of 100 by PC Gamer and utilizes Windows Vista’s DirectX 10 offering incredible graphics. And Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a Games for Windows – LIVE title supporting online game play for up to 8 players with free List Play for Silver users and, for Gold members, enhanced matchmaking and online multiplayer achievements.

Gears of War was also released as a Games for Windows – LIVE title earlier this month. The Games for Windows – LIVE update I posted about in October was released as well. Michael Wolf has some information on the update including some specifics about getting the update installed with Gears of War. I was able to install the Games for Windows – LIVE update flawlessly through Shadowrun. You can also download it and install it separately.

Remember, games under the Games for Windows brand offer easy installation, widescreen capability, native 64-bit support, and take advantage of Windows Vista’s gaming features and technology (such as DirectX 10).

It is great Games for Windows expanding with new titles!