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September 12, 2008

Bad iTunes 8 Driver May Cause Issues

Earlier this week, Apple released iTunes 8 which included some headaches for Windows Vista users (including myself) in the way of blue screens of death. My good friend Ed Bott dug into the situation and discovered what might be causing the issue – it appears to be a problem with a driver that is installed when users also install iTunes 8. Unfortunately iTunes is known for pushing out components that Windows users don’t necessarily want.

Fortunately, not all is lost. Due to the uproar from unsatisfied customers, Apple issued an updated version of iTunes 8 that fixes the problem (sort of).  You’ll need to uninstall the broken version of ITunes 8 and Apple Mobile Devices support, and then use your Apple Software Updater to reinstall iTunes 8 and get it working the right way. 

Anyways you might be asking why I even installed iTunes in the first place and it’s because I am a software fiend and love playing with new software regardless of who it’s by. But just so you know – I’m a diehard Zune user myself 😉