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“Smoked by Windows Phone” rolls in to San Diego

By Ben Rudolph

We’re through two days of challenges at the South Coast and Mission Viejo Microsoft Stores, and Windows Phone is sporting a 37-0 record against some of the best smartphones in the   We’ve taken on the iPhone 3G, 4 and… Read more

Now available: Windows Phone 7 Connector 2.0 for Mac

By Michael Stroh

The next release of Windows Phone 7 Connector landed in the Mac App Store The software, which requires OS X or later, makes it easy to sync media files from your Mac to your Windows Phone and vice It’s also… Read more

Internet Explorer 9 and Safari 5

By Brandon LeBlanc

Since the release of the first Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview at MIX back in March and the second in May, we’ve shown a lot of demos of IE9 with other Today, Apple announced and released Safari We figured we… Read more

Windows and Security: Setting the Record Straight

By Brandon LeBlanc

There’s been some coverage overnight about the security of Windows and whether or not one particular company is reducing its use of We thought this was a good opportunity to set the record There is some irony here that is… Read more

Bad iTunes 8 Driver May Cause Issues

By Brandon LeBlanc

Earlier this week, Apple released iTunes 8 which included some headaches for Windows Vista users (including myself) in the way of blue screens of My good friend Ed Bott dug into the situation and discovered what might be causing the… Read more