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September 22, 2009

#WinWin7 Twitter Contest Rolls On

Since the first tweet went out on the #WinWin7 Twitter Contest, the Windows Outreach Team on Microsoft’s official Windows Twitter account @MSWindows has been busy giving away some great (and somewhat goofy) prizes to their followers. The best part, through, is that I hear that things are just heating up.

Here’s a recap of what they’ve given away in the #WinWin7 promotion so far:

There’s more to come and the prizes are only getting better (and somewhat goofier).

Starting today, they are making a push for 77,777 followers by Windows 7 GA (October 22nd). Starting at 42,777 followers, they will give out a copy of Windows 7 to one of their lucky followers. Starting there, they will continue to give away a copy of Windows 7 for every 2,000 followers (so, at 44,777 then 46,777 and on and on). For those good at math, the more people we get to join, the more chances you (as a follower) have of winning a copy of Windows 7. All followers of @MSWindows are eligible, so those who have been loyal followers since the beginning are still in the running. Winners will receive their copy of Windows 7 they won after the Oct. 22 launch date.

When the magical number of 77,777 is reached, the Windows Outreach Team has some great (and super-secret) prizes to hand out. If you’re not following @MSWindows on Twitter already, you should consider doing so as things look like they will get pretty interesting 😉

For more on the Windows Outreach Team, read this blog post.

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