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June 9, 2011

Updates: Telefonica now being scheduled for updates

Testing is done at Telefonica in Spain for all three updates: 7008, 7390, and 7392. The team is now scheduling the rollout. As soon as the update is available for download, we’ll let you know.

I know Omnia 7 owners on Orange are anxious for word about updates. My post was a little bit later than normal this week because we felt oh-so-close to having definitive scheduling news. Mike will pop on the thread the moment we start scheduling. We know you want this news quickly.

Finally, I want to assure Samsung Focus owners who haven’t received an update notification that there are many people across several companies continuing to work on the solution for your phones. We want to make sure you have a quality experience with the update. That is taking time, but we’re not resting until it’s done.

Eric Hautala, GM, Customer Experience Engineering