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Tweet-ness! How Twitter works in Mango

By Andy Myers

As an active Twitter user on the Windows Phone team, I was excited when I first learned that Twitter integration was coming to our But I admit I was also We’ve had great Facebook integration for a while now, but… Read more

Pinworthy: 5 essential photo apps for Windows Phone

By Michael Stroh

It seemed only natural to follow up today’s post on photo-related changes coming in Windows Phone —aka Mango—with one about some of the fantastic photo apps available right now in From Facebook to Flickr, smartphones are quickly becoming the primary… Read more

Minesweeper launching worldwide

By Michael Stroh

We heard Minesweeper, the ad-supported Xbox LIVE game we debuted in the Marketplace recently, is launching as a free download around the world (except Brazil and Korea). The title, which for now is English only, should be available by early… Read more

Now available: Zune 4.8

By Matt Akers

Today we’re releasing the next version of the Zune As one of the Zune program managers, I wanted to provide a brief look at what’s new in the release, which you can download To update your current version, click Settings… Read more

New Xbox LIVE features, games on the way for Windows Phone

By Michael Stroh

It’s a sweet day for mobile Today Microsoft previewed new Xbox LIVE titles and features coming to Windows Phone in the months The announcement came at the annual Gamescom conference in Cologne, We’ve already written about some of the changes… Read more

Pinworthy: Top 10 back-to-school apps for Windows Phone

By Michael Stroh

My university days took place in the era of ink and Oh, how times have Spiral notebooks and ball-point pens? So last Today a well-stocked Windows Phone can substitute for entire backpack’s worth of campus gear and ease the transition… Read more

Preparing for our next major update

By Eric Hautala

Hello For several months now I’ve been dropping by here each week to bring you the latest on software updates for your   We’ve learned a lot from delivering the first round of updates—lessons we’re applying to the next release… Read more