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September 9, 2011

The Weekly Wrap: YouTube on Mango, app making 101, Rugby World Cup

Here’s the latest from the world of Windows Phone. See something cool I missed?

YouTube on Windows Phone 7.5

YouTube this week launched a new mobile version of its website that’s designed to work better on Windows Phone 7.5. As some of you know, Mango ships with a browser based on Internet Explorer 9 and supports web standards including HTML5. If that geeky fact means nothing to you, just take a look the screenshots below. On the left, you see what YouTube looks like on a current Windows Phone. The shot on the right shows YouTube on a Mango phone.  The new site is obviously spiffier and better organized. It also now offers search auto suggestions and high-quality (HQ) video. But the most exciting change (to me, at least) is that, because the site supports HTML5, you’ll no longer need a stand-alone app to watch YouTube on Windows Phone 7.5.

YouTube shown on Windows Phone 7

YouTube shown on Windows Phone 7.5

New Mango how-to videos

Speaking of YouTube, if you haven’t visited our official Windows Phone channel on YouTube lately, make sure to check it out. We recently did a little redecorating and think you’ll like what you see. We’re constantly adding new videos showing off the forthcoming release of Windows Phone—including, most recently, a batch of new how-to videos on Windows Phone 7.5.  If you’re waiting to get your hands on a Mango phone—or just curious how it works—these brief tutorials (like the one below) give you a great sense of what using it is actually like. What do you think?


“This one time, at app camp…”

Heads up, UK developers: Microsoft is hosting free all-day camps to show you how to make Windows Phone apps from scratch. These hands-on workshops and short tutorials, taught by experts, are a great opportunity if you’ve ever wanted to build your first app. To attend, register for the London camp (Sept 17)  or the Manchester camp (Sept. 24). Space is limited, so sign up soon. Here’s more details on the event.

How to Mango-fy your apps

And what if you’re not in the U.K.? Fear not. Microsoft MVPs Rob Miles and Andy Wigley just kicked off a new video series on Channel 9 called Mango Jump Start that’s designed to teach developers how to make apps and games for Windows Phone 7.5. So if you’ve been wanting to starting making Windows Phone apps, here’s a great place to start.

30 days with Windows Phone
Tony Bradley from PC World recently began a new series of articles called “30 Days With Windows Phone 7” where he gives WP7 a month to win him over from his old mobile platform. He updates the series every day and discusses particular facets of the WP7 Mango experience that interest him. It’s a good read. His latest installment focuses on threaded messaging in Mango. Check it out.

Roundup: Apps, apps, apps

If you’re looking for new apps to download, look no further. Our very own Laura Foy has the skinny on her latest 5 favorite hot apps: IonBallEx, Relaxify, Speed, NightStand Clock, and Fastball 2. If that’s not enough for you, take a look at PocketNow’s latest weekly app roundup.

And finally….

Most of the US is excited about the start of the NFL season this week. Elsewhere, though, it’s all about a different ball sport: rugby. The Rugby World Cup 2011 kicks off this weekend, and its official app recently hit the Marketplace. The free app has lots of info about the event and includes news, video, team stats, and even stadium info. Check it out.