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June 15, 2011

Updates: Scheduling 7392 for HTC Surround

Hi everyone—Eric’s away this week, so I’m filling in. Here’s the latest on updates from the team:

First, we’re now scheduling the 7392 update for the HTC Surround on AT&T. Other models will follow.

We’ve also made progress on getting the remaining Samsung Focus models updated. We’ve worked through the last of the technical hurdles with AT&T and Samsung, and are now actively scheduling the final set of tests and the subsequent roll out of updates to Focus handsets with the alternate memory. I don’t have hard dates yet.

Finally, we’re still working with Orange to resume update deliveries to Omnia 7 phones. I know some of you are frustrated—and I’m sorry about the delay. The team truly thought they were close last week—and are working to close on a schedule.