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June 29, 2011

Updates resume for Omnia phones on Orange

Hello everyone.  Busy week.

Updates for the Samsung Focus with the memory variant are in the final phases of testing. Here’s what to expect when they become available. You’ll receive two back-to-back update notifications. The first is for the 7008 update. Once installed, you can then immediately update to 7392 (which will also include the 7390 “copy and paste” update).

This week we also restarted update deliveries to Omnia 7 handsets on Orange. We’re currently delivering both 7390 and 7392 to these phones as one bundled update.  Update Central explains how to download and install them.

Finally, we’re also now delivering the 7392 update to two Windows Phones on AT&T: The HTC Surround and the LG Quantum.

As I said, busy week.  We’re not resting until we’re done.

Eric Hautala, GM, Customer Experience Engineering