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August 29, 2011

Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat: Accessorizing Your PC

When it comes to fashion accessories, celebrities have celeb stylists like Rachael Zoe and everyday people like me have a dog-eared copy of Lucky Magazine and a few favorite Tumblr accounts. However, when it comes to technology accessories, I have Windows hardware expert Dan Laycock – all a fashion and tech enthusiast needs.

This week join us for a Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat with Dan Laycock to discuss the latest and greatest computer accessories. He’ll fill us in on the best cameras for shooting on the fly, the best ergonomic mice and a keyboard that stops finger fatigue.

To participate:

To prepare for the chat, you might want to check out the following links:

Note we will only be talking about the outlined topic each week and we will not be answering questions outside those topics. Questions for this week may include: My son is a gamer, does he need a special mouse? I have carpal tunnel what are the best accessories for me? I like pink, any pink keyboards?