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March 23, 2012

Win a new Hunger Games-themed PC or Windows Phone

You could win a Hunger Games-themed HP Folio 13 ultrabook if your fingers are fast enough.

Heading to the Hunger Games this weekend? Here are two good reasons to detour to your local Microsoft Store instead: You could win either a new District 12-decorated laptop or a new Windows Phone.

It’s all part of a Smoked by Windows Phone contest that Microsoft Stores kicked off yesterday. Here’s the deal: You walk in and tell any store employee you want to take the challenge. You then get one shot to beat them at an everyday task like finding a 5-star restaurant or updating your Facebook status.

Win and you take home a special edition HP Folio 13 ultrabook engraved with the Hunger Games movie title and District 12 insignia. Lose—even Katniss would like her chances here—and you get a free Windows Phone, as long as you’re willing to toss your current handset in the recycling bin.

Hurry: the contest ends March 29 or when each store’s 10 allotted prizes have run out. Study the official contest rules for more details, and visit us on Facebook to watch previous Smoked by Windows Phone challenges as a warm up.

May the odds be ever in your favor.