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Win a new Hunger Games-themed PC or Windows Phone

By Michael Stroh

Heading to the Hunger Games this weekend? Here are two good reasons to detour to your local Microsoft Store instead: You could win either a new District 12-decorated laptop or a new Windows It’s all part of a Smoked by… Read more

A #Giveaway for Hunger Games Fans – #hungergames

By Kristina Libby

Want to win a Hunger Games engraved HP Folio 13 running Windows 7? I’m assuming the answer is For those of you who don’t know, the Folio 13 is a hot PC that’s light, fast and the ultimate companion for… Read more

Gifts and Ideas for Hunger Games Fans

By Kristina Libby

Today I wore my hair in a braid like Katniss I’m It’s probably embarrassing that I’m enamored with a book focused on the tween audience and yet, I can’t help but talk about the books, eagerly await the movie, and… Read more