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PC gaming
February 8, 2022

New Minecraft x PUMA DLC now available along with apparel and footwear

A new line of Minecraft x PUMA apparel and footwear is now available, and you can try the items on first inside the new and free collaboration DLC map: PUMA x Minecraft — Sprint Dash.

“With the accompanying Sprint Dash DLC for Bedrock Edition, it won’t be all about dodging unreasonably accurate skeleton arrows anymore – it’s about who is the fastest,” writes Cristina Anderca in a post on “Put on your Minecraft x PUMA streetwear and race your friends through three interactive maps including caves and cliffs, a cityscape and a jungle.”

Visit the PUMA store to choose from over 20 skins and be forever faster in style. Or just look cool while watching the race from the sidelines.

Find out more at Minecraft.Net.