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March 24, 2022

Forts of the Forgotten – free Sea of Thieves’ Adventure – available now through April 7

Sea of Thieves’ second story-driven Adventure, Forts of the Forgotten, is now live and will be available until April 7.

“Rally your crew, rendezvous with Belle and set sail for the Sea Forts pulled through from the Sea of the Damned by Captain Flameheart,” writes Mike Chapman, creative director at Rare, in a post on Xbox Wire. “Expect heavy resistance from a Phantom phalanx as you battle through these ghostly fortifications to rescue the missing inhabitants of Golden Sands Outpost!”

Forts of the Forgotten is available for free to all Sea of Thieves players who have bought the game on Windows PCs, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One or via Steam, or players who have access to it with Xbox Game Pass. Simply download and install the latest Sea of Thieves update to get access.

Head over to Xbox Wire to watch the cinematic trailer and find out more.