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April 1, 2022

Forge of Empires celebrates 10th anniversary with new event, special prizes

InnoGames, Germany’s developer and publisher of online and mobile games, celebrates the tenth anniversary of its strategy city-builder Forge of Empires. The title has experienced steady growth since its launch in 2012 and continues to gather momentum. To celebrate the anniversary, players can look forward to a new event with special prizes that runs from now through April 18.

To date, players have spent more than 311,482  years’ worth of playtime in the game, during which time approximately 60 million cities have been built. When the game was first released it included a total of six eras and several months’ worth of content. There are now 20 eras with the release of Space Age Venus and over five years’ worth of content. It takes players an average of 2,381 days, or 6.5 years, to progress through the eras, during which time players can select from over 1,000 different buildings to construct. Amongst others, features like Guild Expeditions and Cultural Settlements have been added, giving players even more content.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary milestone, there is a new board game-themed event. The objective is simple: to progress around the board. With each advancement, players will take a trip through each of Forge of Empires’ unique eras. The Forge Fact-Finder is present to provide players with their next quest, while also sharing some interesting facts from the history of Forge of Empires. By completing these quests and through daily logins and incidents around one’s city, players can earn paper money that can then be used to roll the dice and progress around the board. The variety of spaces to land on results in an equally unique collection of rewards. The Grand Prize is the Golden Orrery. Additional prizes include the Grand King, the Grand Queen and the Stage of Ages, while new avatars are also available for players to share their progress and board game prowess with their friends.

Forge of Empires is available for free in the Microsoft Store.