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The ASUS G71Gx Gaming Powerhouse – Whoa…

By Brandon LeBlanc

Over the last few weeks, in between blogging, tweeting, and more blogging, I would often sneak off to do some gaming on the ASUS G71Gx I have here in my It is often “helpful” to be able to take a… Read more

7 Hot Games for Windows 7 for the Holidays

By Brandon LeBlanc

The holidays are here, and that usually means spending time with family and For some of you however, that might mean logging in heavy hours online mercilessly shredding your friends on some sort of virtual war-torn I thought I would… Read more

OEMs Pick Up Windows 7 RTM Code Today in Redmond

By Brandon LeBlanc

When we announced Windows 7 had RTM’d on Wednesday, I posted that OEMs would receive the RTM code within a few Well, it’s been a few days! Earlier today, a handful of OEMs arrived in Redmond to pick up their… Read more