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Making Movies: The New Era of Digital Post-Production

By Gavin Gear

In the movie industry where “time is money”, technology is being developed and deployed rapidly in order to capitalize on creative opportunities, and to shorten time-to-market for these In my last post, I gave an overview of how RED Digital… Read more

RED Digital Cinema: Breaking New Ground with 4K and 5K Video

By Gavin Gear

If you’ve been to the movies lately, it’s likely that you’ve seen the amazing images that RED Digital Cinema cameras Many of the big budget blockbusters recently released or about to be released were shot on RED These movies include… Read more

Great Tools for the Traveling Parent

By Lisa Worthington

Now that I have kids, business travel takes a whole new meaning as I’m not just worrying about me and my schedule, but I have two young daughters who continue to need my time and attention, even when I’m The… Read more

Microsoft Hardware Announces TrueColor Technology, New Webcams

By Brandon LeBlanc

Microsoft Hardware has announced today TrueColor Technology - designed to enhance the color and brightness of webcam video in the worst of lighting TrueColor Technology is a new image processing technology that automatically adjusts the picture quality to provide more… Read more

HDMI and Windows PCs

By Brandon LeBlanc

Lately, folks have been talking a bit about HDMI is a special type of connection designed to deliver digital content from one device to another audio or video device through a single That content can be standard definition (SD) or… Read more

Introducing the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

By Brandon LeBlanc

A few days ago you may have heard about a new webcam from Microsoft Hardware that does 720p High Definition widescreen Well… meet the new LifeCam Cinema!   The LifeCam Cinema records video at 720p HD in 16:9 widescreen up… Read more

How I produce my videos with Windows Vista

By Brandon LeBlanc

As you probably already noticed, I've been doing quite a bit of posts that include video demos of devices and software in my A few folks have asked me how I produce these videos and I'd like to outline the… Read more